Every trend, whether bullish or bearish, consists of impulse and corrective price movements that are continuously repeated and thus define the basic concept of the ABCD wave theory. The strategy allows us to approach complex market conditions in a very simple way, and minimize risk while achieving maximum profit. Using the ABCD wave strategy, we can easily define:

⦁ Impulse wave AB
⦁ Place and time of position entry (potential point C)
⦁ Potential risk (stop loss)
⦁ Impulse wave CD (profit target at point D)

The simple concept of the wave ABCD strategy allows traders and investors to acquire quickly theoretical and practical knowledge, which can be swiftly applied in trading with all financial instruments and at all-time intervals with maximum effect.

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Introduction to technical analysis

4 hours (one-day workshop) – 80 EUR + VAT


Advanced technical analysis

4 hours (one-day workshop) – 120 EUR + VAT


ABCD wave theory - basic and advanced strategy

– 6 hours (one-day workshop) – 144 EUR + VAT

Introduction to Elliott Wave Theory

6 hours (one-day workshop) – 240 EUR + VAT

Mentoring - trading on a live account

Teaching and trading with a live account

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“After the seminar on technical analysis, there is ten years of excellent cooperation between lecturer Zdenko Grđan and the Zagreb Stock Exchange Academy. From the history of technical analysis, through settings and trends, to application in practice, Z. Grđan will very expertly and enthusiastically bring the advantages and risks of technical analysis to the participants as a tool for making an informed investment decision.”
Melita Marčeta,
Head of the Zagreb Stock Exchange Academy
“I started working with Zdenko when I barely knew the basics of trading and in 10 hours of learning with him I became profitable. Forex is complicated if you learn everything at once, and that's where Zdenko helped me by explaining everything about the strategy step by step, and I understood it easily. I would recommend everyone, if they start trading, to have a good teacher like Zdenko next to them. If I managed to grasp and understand everything at the age of 17, I believe that anyone who puts in the effort and time can."
Dora Marinović
"Excellently structured and detailed seminars with a lecturer who obviously has experience and a lot of knowledge. All aspects necessary to start trading properly are covered - from psychology and trading emotions to tools, in addition to detailed procedures of technical analysis, and accompanying tools that help beginners and more experienced traders a lot. Highly recommended!"
Tin Galetović
“Zdenko is a great enthusiast of forex trading and has a very good command of the subject. He explains very well and is doing well in forex trading. Now it is up to us, the participants, how much we want to learn and apply the knowledge. All recommendations for his education!!"
Maja Roja Novak, MD, PhD Zagreb

„Trading is a journey – not a destination.“

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